Corporate Gifts (Custom) Sand Art

Natural Choice for Corporate Sand Art Gifts

When your business needs unique corporate gifts or promotional items, our handmade artisan sand art magnets and ornaments are a one-of-a-kind, natural choice. Showcase your coastal location, event theme or environmental appeal with a gift that’s unique to your brand: real Florida sand crafted into a miniature work of art.

Customize and order gifts made to perfectly represent your brand. Start with one of our 200+ original sand art designs, customize a tag message with your name or logo and choose ribbon color that fits your corporate or event theme.

Promotional Sand Sculpture Products Samples

The above custom ornament was created with a two sided image so that a logo could be embedded into the back of the design

Custom Business Custom Business Logo - Oval Custom Name
Tampa Zoo Giraffes Custom City
Custom Store Festival Logo

Celebrate, promote and generate brand loyalty with the natural beauty of sand, sculptured and hand-molded into artistic designs that fit any theme or occasion.

Choose from more than 200+ original, hand-crafted designs for a one-of-a-kind design

  • Name-drop destinations are available in most areas

  • Customize tag message and ribbon color for your brand or location

  • Fast fulfillment of custom orders

  • Large quantity discounts available

  • Durable products and finishes are built to ship and last for years to come

Have a Gift Shop?

Stock your corporate or hotel gift shop with upscale sand art featuring destination names, customizable tags and a wide selection of colored ribbons to match your brand.

A few custom tag samples

We also can create a custom design for your company