Beaches and what you find in and around them.  If it has anything to do with the beach you will find it in this Collection.  From Beach Campers, Beach Bikes, Beach Chairs, Beach Cottages, Castles made of Sand, literally, we have it.

  • All Handcrafted with Real Sand
  • Durable as Ceramic, will last for years
  • Comes with hangtag stating "Handcrafted with Sand"
  • Made in Florida - USA - stated on back of tag
  • Quality product with Quality Service
  • Two different looks, Ribbon/Glitter or Jute no Glitter for coastal look
  • Creating Sand Art since 2011
  • Orders are quickly expedited
  • Your retail purchase comes with FREE SHIPPING
  • One-of-a-Kind Designs NOT FOUND ANYWHERE

Take a peak at all of our Collections.  We are sure you will fine something that will tickle your fancy.